Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Embedded electrophysiological expertise built-in
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Fastest time to market
  • Optimizes your application software
  • FDA pre-approved
  • Comprehensive life-cycle management

About Us

E-trolZ is a technology leader providing highly integrated signal acquisition and data management products for electrophysiological medical devices.

The multi-billion dollar electrophysiological market is projected to grow at 20% annually. Electrophysiology is the collection of the electrical values (signal acquisition) of biological cells and tissues, and is used as a technique for the detection and diagnosis of neurological, cardiac, and respiratory abnormalities. This underserved market is being driven by continuous advances in the early detection of attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, stroke, and sleep disorders and is a growing area for research money and new products. The companies performing this research and product development prefer to focus their resources on software development for the detection of these disorders. More than a dozen OEMs and research institutions have verified that E-trolZ is the only focused provider in the electrophysiological space, providing signal acquisition for diagnostic analysis. E-trolZ is the ideal partner for these companies.

E-trolZ's competitive advantage in electrophysiological applications is our signal acquisition capabilities in conjunction with our Dual Partition Tri-Core ArchitectureT and integrated development environment, which delivers behavior and performance superior to all other alternatives. This is E-trolZ's key intellectual property (IP) and is pending patent approval. The software ensures a tight integration with the hardware for maximum performance using minimum resources.

E-trolZ markets electrophysiological platforms at two user classes, medical device OEMs and research institutions. The OEM product line for the ambulatory market is optimized for long battery life, ultra-portability, and wireless communications; and the second product line for the laboratory and hospital market is optimized for A/C power, stringent patient protection, and higher performance. By adding packaging and acquisition software, E-trolZ markets its family of research products to university and hospital researchers.