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Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Fully integrated electrophysiological platform
  • EZ Inside Partnership
  • Application program ready
  • Fastest time to market
  • Comprehensive life-cycle management
  • FDA pre-approved
  • Empower resource strapped companies

Electrophysiology Initiative

E-trolZ's goal is to enable medical device OEMs to quickly deliver new, advanced diagnostics with an off-the-shelf electrophysiological platform. E-trolZ's platforms allow OEMs to focus on the clinical aspect of the application, leaving the platform to deliver diagnosis to us.

  • Deliver the most advanced electrophysiological signal acquisition
  • Deliver electrophysiological products into wide ranging applications
  • Deliver fully integrated, tested, and proven solutions, with known, predictable performance
  • Deliver the latest technology enabling advanced product features
  • Deliver built-in electrophysiological expertise
  • Deliver comprehensive life-cycle management

E-trolZ addresses the much needed product and services requirements of the fragmented electrophysiological markets, through integrated solutions, application expertise, and technology management. The product E-trolZ provides is a highly integrated and adaptable embedded solution. Our product delivers significantly better performance; a 50% - 75% saving in design cost and time-to-market; and reduces OEMs total cost of ownership compared to their existing product. The E-trolZ product and business model is the perfect fit for medical device OEMs and will result in the most comprehensive solution for electrophysiological devices.

5 Degrees of Integration

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