Drive your diagnosis on us

  • Ambulatory/handheld electronics
  • Low power consumption
  • Wireless communications
  • Signal conditioning expertise
  • Signal processing expertise
  • Patented architecture

E-TROLZ Electrophysiological Product Advantages

5 Degrees of Integration allows your product development to jump out of the gate. With a starting point far ahead of other approaches, you can focus on your application, which is your value add – your core competency. Then staying ahead is easy with our comprehensive life-cycle management, included with your product purchase.

Reliability - designed with a dual partition architecture, DPTCA™ guarantees real-time response to I/O signals, while independently processing data management requests.

Powerful - designed with a powerful, sophisticated, and highly integrated, dual-core microprocessor, our products are capable of operating complex applications. Coupled with the E-trolZ Control Coprocessor, DPTCA™ enables unprecedented applications in a handheld platform.

Portability - designed for handheld measurement and analysis, our products are low power, wireless, and compact sized. But don't stop there, with its power and expandability, our platform is ideal for powered devices too./p>

Flexibility - SD expansion slot offers disk storage capacities to 2GB and beyond. Our SD & USB interfaces also support communications and other I/O plug-in cards. User interfaces supported include touch screen VGA, quarter VGA, and multi-line LCD displays. Our products are easily configurable with plug-in modules to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Expertise - our R&D team includes specialists in signal conditioning and signal processing, delivering products with better signal to noise ratio, increased dynamic range, and therefore more valuable information.

Connectivity - our products feature the latest interfaces including WiFi, high speed USB 2.0, 100M Ethernet, and of course, RS-232. With a full suite of protocols included, all of your communications features are already there.

Interoperability - our products include all the industry standard protocols, integrating your products at the desktop, workgroup, or enterprise level is a snap. With a standard file system and drag and drop file transfers, our products are easy to use.

Cost effective - designed with a highly integrated, high volume, low cost microprocessor, our products are very competitive. Furthermore, you can leverage our common platform volume to lower your product cost.

Paradigm Change

  • Cumbersome, expensive, non-control oriented design tools
  • Electronics along with electrophysiological expertise designed from scratch
  • Many person years to deliver and support over the embedded product's long life

After - The E-trolZ Solution

  • Fully integrated, plug and play electrophysiological solution
  • Advanced electrophysiological performance
  • ¼ to 1/10th the cost to implement


  • Improves product functionality & quality while reducing cost
  • Enables resource strapped companies to compete by focusing on their core competency
Hardware RTOS/BSP Application I/O I/O API Control & DSP Software Device Integration Application Software Hardware RTOS/BSP Application I/O I/O API Control & DSP Software Device Integration Application Software Hardware RTOS/BSP Application I/O I/O API Control & DSP Software Device Integration Application Software