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Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Ambulatory/handheld electronics
  • Low power consumption
  • Open data access
  • Signal conditioning expertise
  • Signal processing expertise
  • Patented architecture

Biomedical Data Acquisition System Order Product

Jump start your research project by ordering an acquisition system today.

Product Code 



100REE320  Researcher’s 32-Channel Biomedical Data Acquisition System   $9,500

Biomedical Data Acquisition System includes:

  • EPM032 Electrophysiological Module with 32 channels, 2 GB storage, 4 KV protection
  • Plastic housing with LCD display, power switch, user push button
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • Data acquisition application
  • Data viewing software for WinXP host PC
  • MatLab application for real-time display
  • USB Cable
  • Documentation package
  • 8 Hours technical support