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Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Advance research
  • Improve flexability
  • Increase functionality
  • Expand capabilities
  • Embrace openness
  • Bridge the gap

Biomedical Data Acquisition System Product Overview

Biomedical Signal Processing ModuleA simple yet powerful clinical research solution, the E-trolZ Biomedical Data Acquisition System is an advanced ECG and EEG recorder designed for low power, portable monitoring of ECG and EEG signals. The Biomedical Data Acquisition System delivers high-end electrophysiological performance in a small lightweight package ideal for ambulatory or portable research.


The Biomedical Data Acquisition System is available in 16 to 64 channel configurations, with the following features:

  • 16-bit A/D conversion
  • Adjustable sample rate
  • Low power, low noise instrumentation amplifiers with configurable gain
  • 16-bit DAC for stimulus or monitor output
  • Small, lightweight package for ambulatory research
  • Real-time data streaming for host PC data verification or integration
  • Programmable with optional Microsoft Visual Studio SDK and fully integrated API

Features & Benefits

The Biomedical Data Acquisition System performs with the accuracy of large, bulky systems without the need for separate amplifiers, cables, or communications equipment. The Research Instrument enables real-time monitoring or long term storage with user programmable event detection or signal processing.

  • Ultra low power – enables complete portability, longer tests on a single set of batteries
  • Large storage capacity - enables complete portability, longer tests
  • Highly accurate signal acquisition - enables research into new areas
  • Easy on-line event detection support - enables research into new areas and supports openness
  • Multiple file formats - supports openness
  • Drag & drop desktop integration - supports openness
  • Validate embedded algorithms - enables product development
  • Patient protection - assures patient safety

This research system is available off-the-shelf with many options. However, as is the case for all
E-trolZ’s systems, customization to meet your specific needs is always available. The research system’s options include: channel quantity (up to 64 channels); channel characterization (band pass filter, gains, coupling); cable interconnection (yoke or connection box); and software (SDK, MATLAB interface).