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Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Advance diagnostics
  • Improve performance
  • Increase functionality
  • Expand dynamic range
  • Meet new standards
  • Validate data

Biomedical Signal Processing Module Product Overview

Biomedical Signal Processing ModuleThe Biomedical Signal Processing Module is a high performance floating point digital processing platform optimized for precision waveform capture and processing. The platform is specifically designed for biomedical applications that require substantial embedded computing resources for advanced diagnostics and real-time control. This module introduces the next generation E-trolZ signal acquisition engine which builds on the precision acquisition core by adding data validation. As signal data is communicated multiple times by different hosts, data tagging as indexed by the source provides the mechanism to ensure validation.

The Biomedical Signal Processing Module is used in medical devices as an embedded controller or as a dedicated, protected domain algorithm processor streaming diagnostic results to an embedded host. It is also used as a MatLab USB client delivering full bandwidth waveforms over USB for real-time processing or analysis in MatLab. Lastly it is used as a MatLab development module for direct deployment of MatLab code into a medical device.


  • Texas Instruments C6727 floating point DSP
  • 128 MB RAM & 16 MB Flash
  • USB 2.0
  • Fully integrated E-TROLZ signal acquisition engine with data validation
  • Fully integrated real-time data streaming to a host controller or PC
  • Programmable with optional TI Code Composer Studio SDK and fully integrated API


  • Fast medical device deployment
  • Easy to use, signal acquisition and processing USB client
  • Powerful development & debug environment
  • Medical device expertise designed in
  • Secure processing and communications with data validation
  • Fast FDA approval - regulatory compliance and dedicated domain

This module is available off-the-shelf. However, as is the case for all E-trolZ’s platforms, customization to meet your specific needs is always available. The basic development kit includes a module and the software development kit, while the full development kit adds Code Composer Studio and a USB JTAG emulator.