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Fully integrated electrophysiological subsystems

  • Open platform
  • Plug and play out of the box
  • Ambulatory system
  • Multiple file formats
  • Supports standard electrodes

MediPEC Product Overview

E-trolZ's DPTCA™ enabled medical device programmable embedded controller (MediPEC) is a platform to deliver standard, fully integrated control solutions for OEM devices. By integrating the hardware, I/O, drivers, RTOS, and API into a control subsystem, 5 Degrees of Integration enables OEMs to focus their efforts and resources on their core competency.

The MediPEC was designed as a robust but yet flexible architecture with three models to match various application requirements. Using one of the three models, select the I/O, signal conditioning, memory, storage, communications, HMI, and information management features needed to configure your application specific solution.

Program your application in E-trolZ's Device Development Environment with Microsoft’s suite of development tools. Measurement and Control expertise is accessed through the E-trolZ I/O API and Software Library of function calls that run on a dedicated coprocessor. The packaged control expertise includes I/O scanning, scaling, alarming, closed loop control and a number of advanced analytical DSP routines.

Powerful applications are possible on the MediPEC with an ARM MCU, 32-bit DSP, and Control Coprocessor; large RAM, flash and storage capacities; multiple communication networks; and video displays. Yet this level of performance, integration, and configurability are very affordable through standardization, exact functionality, and the use of high volume components.


The DPTCA™ is a dual partitioned architecture with three processors designed to deliver reliable, real-time performance simultaneously with feature rich data management.

5 Degrees of Integration is the culmination of expertise in real-time measurement and control, signal conditioning, signal processing, and software integrated and delivered into each product.

The OMAP™ is a dual-core, high-performance, power efficient processor, providing real-time signal processing capabilities of a DSP coupled with the command and control functionality of an ARM.

The E-trolZ Control Coprocessor is a dedicated, programmable, real-time controller capable of sophisticated timing, signaling, and high-speed I/O control.

The E-trolZ IDE delivers powerful control routines in an easy to use, integrated environment. For those demanding visual and communications rich applications, Windows CE enables features such as video and audio playback, encryption, browsing, web serving, and network device management.